College Planning Workshop



Saturday, November 8th (10:30am-11:45am) @ Carmel Valley Library

3919 Townsgate Dr, San Diego, CA 92131

Saturday, November 15th (10:30am-11:45am) @ Carmel Mountain Library

12095 World Trade Drive, San Diego, CA 92128

College Funding & Admissions Workshop

"How to Minimize Your Out-of-Pocket Costs and Maximize Your Child's Admission Options"

Please join us for a FREE College Funding & Admissions workshop that will focus on families with high school students.We’ll discuss all that you need to consider to create your family’s College Funding Plan while maximizing the amount of Financial Aid & Scholarships your student is eligible to receive!
Even if your family is not eligible for need-based aid, we will cover the best strategies on how to pay for college on the most tax efficient basis—without it putting a strain on the rest of your finances.In this workshop, you will learn:

• How to increase your tax deductions and tax credits.• How to pick colleges that will give you the best financial aid packages.

• How to get your student into their top choice schools.

• Which assets are taken into consideration when the U.S. Department of Education calculates your Family Contribution.

• How to pay for college in a volatile economy without relying on 529 plans, expensive private student loans or depleting your retirement accounts.

• How to get ahead by developing a customized plan to meet all the college costs you will incur as a family.

• How to lower your “out-of-pocket” costs and get the maximum amount of money from each school.

These classes will be taught by Michelle Mai, one of our nation's top college planning experts.
While this workshop is 100 percent free, the knowledge you’ll gain is invaluable. There is a limited seating capacity. Subscribe to the corresponding workshop below to reserve your seats now.

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