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College Planning source has helped thousands of families and students achieve their goals of going to college. With a proven success record and a perfected college guidance plan, we can help students and families achieve their college dreams.

Maximize Your Students' Success

We can help maximize your students’ chances of getting into their dream college. Our College Admissions Counselors help students match up their career interests with ideal colleges, while also helping with the college admissions process every step of the way. This includes everything from financial aid forms, essay writing, and tips on how to make your student’s application stand out. By utilizing a combination of proven process we can help you reach your goals.

Minimize Your Out-Of-Pocket Costs

By getting a head start on college planning, we can help you to minimize your out of pocket costs for college. Our Financial Advisors have over 15+ years of experience in helping families plan for their educational and financial future. They provide comprehensive analysis of various situations, cost of attendance breakouts, guidance to take advantage of employer benefits, personalized tax strategies, risk management, and much more.

Our Smart Plan Programs

Each step of our college planning programs are crafted specifically for each student. The programs have been developed through years of experience and customized for each students personalized success.

Essential College Funding

Start Planning Now
Start Now

Early College Planning

9th Grade Students

Prime College Planning

10th & 11th Grade Students

Crucial College Planning

12th Grade Students

Essential College Funding

Start Planning Now!

It’s never too early to plan for your students’ success. Many parents make the mistake of planning later when the student is older, but there are many benefits to planning as soon as possible. Your investments today can grow exponentially by the time your student is ready for a higher education. 

Let the Financial Advisors at College Planning Source help you to maximize your future return. We also have access to private scholarship databases, can help negotiate your financial aid, and provide you with a comprehensive, personalized funding plan that meets your individual needs and goals.

Early College Planning

Up to 9th Grade High School

There are many ways to make your students’ college applications stand out. This includes adding extracurricular activities, volunteer opportunities, school clubs, enriching experiences, and much more. 

The College Admissions Counselors at College Planning Source can help you to determine which activities and opportunities can strengthen your students’ college applications. This requires a complete and thorough college plan, early planning, and understanding both the parents’ and students’ goals long before the college applications season.

Prime College Planning

10th & 11th Grade High School

A lot of parents and students wonder when a good time to plan for college is. The answer is: as early as possible. There is an ideal window, however, to develop your comprehensive college plan. The sweet spot is during your High School Sophomore or Junior year, when you have actionable items.

This includes understanding exactly what is needed to complete a college application. While some applications vary to some extent, there are standard requirements that you must meet. From ACT and/or SAT tests required, understanding GPA and transcripts needed, to choosing the best essay topic, our College Admissions Counselors can help answer any questions you may have and guide you to meet your goals.

Crucial College Planning

12th Grade High School

If you are a High School Senior or will be one in the fall, now is a crucial time to execute on your comprehensive college plan. There are many moving pieces to focus on in the last year of High School. Don’t wait!

Let the College Admissions Counselors at College Planning Source help you to provide a balanced college selection strategy, guidance for your college applications, review your essays, track your applications, and much more.


To ensure the safety of parents, students, and staff, and to echo the concerns of the state regarding COVID-19, we will be taking our student counseling meetings and our student workshops online. 
Beginning today, Monday, March 16th, 2020, we will be conducting meetings via Zoom (a video conferencing software) until further notice.
For upcoming scheduled meetings, our counselors will be contacting you directly regarding the Zoom meetings.
Our staff will continue to work tirelessly to prepare for the upcoming applications season during this time. If you are currently on break, get  get a head start now and take advantage of this time to start college planning. For any questions or concerns, please contact us at 858-676-0700.



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