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College Planning Source offers community workshops on college planning to help educate local schools, churches, businesses and other for-profit and non-profit organizations. Learn more about our informative workshops.

College Funding & Admissions

Ideal for Families with high school students

Early College Planning

Ideal for Families with high school students

College Funding & Admissions Workshop

College Funding

  • Recognize current and projected costs of colleges
  • Learn how the financial aid system works
  • Determine and maximize your financial aid eligibility
  • Calculate the net out of pocket costs for each family
  • Identifying financial aid forms and timelines
  • Understand different terms and conditions of student loans
  • The best approach to creating custom college funding plans that leave families with the greatest retirement savings

College Admissions

  • Create academically and financially balanced list of schools for your student
  • Find out the general admissions criteria for common schools
  • How to get your student into their top choice schools
  • Identify what needs to be done every high school year to maximize admissions opportunity
  • Learn what colleges admissions are looking for
  • Understand the college application process and timelines to increase chances of acceptance

Early College Planning Workshop

“Early Planning” means developing and implementing a plan while your children are in elementary school or middle school at the latest. The most successful plans are adopted during early childhood.

Delay will lead to loss of opportunities for your children.

  • Your child continues to perform at a high academic level
  • Receive the best possible advice & support on admissions & applications
  • There is a viable plan to fund 4 years of tuition, room and board, & other educational costs
  • Your child will not graduate saddled with tens of thousands of dollars in debt
  • Parents will be able to retire with a comfortable life style

Let us develop a viable plan for your family – attend a workshop or make an appointment —

Make a gift of love for your children take action now!


To ensure the safety of parents, students, and staff, and to echo the concerns of the state regarding COVID-19, we will be taking our student counseling meetings and our student workshops online. 
Beginning today, Monday, March 16th, 2020, we will be conducting meetings via Zoom (a video conferencing software) until further notice.
For upcoming scheduled meetings, our counselors will be contacting you directly regarding the Zoom meetings.
Our staff will continue to work tirelessly to prepare for the upcoming applications season during this time. If you are currently on break, get  get a head start now and take advantage of this time to start college planning. For any questions or concerns, please contact us at 858-676-0700.



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