Why College Rankings Shouldn’t Be the Most Important Decider for You

When it comes time to choose which colleges you are going to apply to, it can be tempting to find a college ranking site and let the numbers decide for you. However, this is too big of a decision to let some unseen committee determine it for you. Here are some things you should be considering when choosing a school besides the college ranking system.

  • Curriculum – Some schools are known for having the best program depending on what you intend to major in. If you already know what you plan to do after school, that can give you a big advantage when it comes to choosing the best program with a reputation for helping people succeed in that field of study.
  • Campus – Visiting the campus of your prospective schools can help you to see which one meets your personal taste the best. Whether the most important thing to you is the dorm space or the library, seeing it in person is a great way to make up your mind.
  • Faculty – Research the teachers who are in the department you want to focus on. Are there any famous instructors you can learn from? Are there many professors and doctors, or do the names just say Mr. or Mrs.?

Finding the Right Universities for You

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