Tuition can cost a small fortune in the modern college climate. What can you do to minimize your overall expenses? Here are a few ways to keep college loans to a minimum.

  • Complete your degree on-time – Most people take six years to finish a four-year degree. That’s four extra semesters of paying for tuition, and financial aid may not help if you are graduating late. Take the right amount of credits per semester and use the summers to stay on schedule if you need to.
  • Buy used books – You may not always have this option, but if you can find the current version of your school books on the used market, then you can save quite a bit, especially if you don’t mind someone else’s underling in your book.
  • Get a meal plan – The less you have to eat out, the more you will save on food. Just be sure not to get a meal plan that includes way more than you will ever eat.
  • Get financial aid – Don’t miss out on scholarships, FAFSA, and other ways to get free money for college. You may qualify for more than you think, so don’t ignore this important step and miss out on free money.

Get College Funding and Aid Planning Assistance

Instead of trying to find and apply for all of the best aid on your own, give College Planning Source a call at 858.676.0700, or leave us a message online. We can help you to find all of the free money for college that you qualify for.

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