Applying for college can be one of the most stressful times in a young person’s life. How can you cut down on the stress and enjoy what should be one of the most exciting times for a young man or woman? Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t wait until the last minute – Much of the stress from college admissions comes from procrastination. From getting letters of recommendation to writing your essays, the earlier you start, the less stress there will be.
  • Get a calendar – Mark deadlines for different steps in the application process and stick to your schedule. This will help you to avoid procrastinating.
  • Start thinking about your essays now – Even if it is too early to start writing, you can brainstorm ideas and read tips for writing a better college essay. This will help get you in the right mindset for when the time actually comes to start writing.
  • Get help from College Planning Source – It never hurts to have experience in your corner when it comes to applying to college. College Planning Source specializes in helping to take some of the mystery and stress out of the process.

Get Your College Applications Process Started Today

From applying to the schools you love to figuring out how to finance school without spending the rest of your life in debt, College Planning Source is here to help students and their family. To learn more about our programs and workshops, call 858.676.0700 today, or contact us online via our website.

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