Tips for Composing a Letter of Continued Interest to a School that Has Waitlisted You

Are you frustrated because you have been waitlisted by the top schools that you applied to? Did you receive a letter to inform you that your early application has been deferred? These situations can increase the pressure on a young person who is trying to get into a particular school. Is there anything you can do?

One thing you can do to try and increase the odds that you are eventually selected for the school you hope to attend is to craft a letter of continued interest that will show how bad you want to go without sounding desperate. Here are some tips for writing the right kind of letter.

Writing a Good Letter of Continued Interest

Do this with your letter:

  • Show that you are capable of being a successful student at their university. Include any updates on your extracurriculars or your accomplishments since you applied.
  • Make sure they know you are definitely going to say yes if they respond positively.
  • Keep it humble.

Don’t do this with your letter:

  • Vent your feelings about being deferred or waitlisted. Save that for friends and family, but don’t let the school know how frustrated you are.
  • Use a negative or haughty tone. You can’t make a school feel bad for you. Schools don’t have feelings. These are business entities. And no school will respond to a student who says the school needs them more than they need the school.

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