Step 4: College Search


College Search
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College Search

College Search Tools on Naviance

  • College Search and the Super Match College Search
  • These tools will help you look at other colleges that are out there and you can search based off of your preferences (location, size, majors, percentage accepted, etc.)

Campus Visits

  • Once you have an idea of some colleges that you’re interested, go visit them
  • Get an idea of what the colleges are looking for (GPA, test scores, extracurricular activities, etc.)

Final School List

  • Create a balanced school list containing safety, target, and reach schools
  • 2-3 safety schools – your GPA and test scores are well above the school’s average
  • 4-6 target schools – your GPA and test scores are right on target with the school’s average
  • 2-3 reach schools – schools that are a bit out of reach, but you still want to try
  • Once your final school list is balanced, you’re ready to start the applications

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