If you are hoping to be accepted at your favorite university, it is important to remember that schools are looking for more than just your GPA. Here are 5 ways to give yourself a competitive advantage when it comes to your student profile.

  • Work on your writing – The essay can make or break your application, so work on your writing skills.
  • Take AP classes – The tougher your high school classes are, the more your GPA will matter. If you have the same GPA as another applicant, the one with the tougher high school schedule will have an advantage.
  • Be a leader – If you can show your ability as a leader, that will set you apart from the majority of young people who are geared toward taking direction.
  • Find your niche – Every school has a focus. If you can show proof that you fit in with that school’s niche, then you have an advantage over someone who is just applying because the school has a good reputation.
  • Be well-rounded – Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. From grades, to extracurriculars to the essay, show the admissions officer that you have a wide range of talents and abilities.

Focusing on Your College Student Profile

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