Why It Is So Difficult to Get into the Top Universities

It is no secret that most applications are rejected by the top universities in the country. But you may be surprised by just how exclusive some of these schools are. US News reported on the topic and gave some shocking statistics. For example,

  • The 53 most exclusive schools in the nation accepted fewer than 1 in 5 applications in the fall of 2016.
  • The 19 choosiest universities accepted less than 10% of applicants.
  • Harvard and Stanford accept only 1 in 20 students who apply.

You may wonder how these schools benefit by taking on fewer students, and there is one word that really answers the question.


People want what they can’t have, and they often view it as more valuable. Because these schools won’t allow just anyone through the door, alumni have a leg up when it comes to businesses that want graduates from a certain school. For example, some law firms only want Harvard grads to apply.

Universities use their reputation to limit acceptance of applicants and to charge outrageous tuition rates. So what can you do if your top picks are on the list that may help your application to be accepted?

Let Us Help You Nail the Application Process

College Planning Source is here to assist you with admissions and financial planning. First, we help you to take the application process in stride, so you can get everything done on time and in the manner that will give you the best shot at acceptance. In the meantime, we also teach you how to find the right grants and loans so you can afford to attend college. To learn more, call us today at 858.676.0700, or you can submit the contact form on our website to get your journey started.

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