Panicking About Your College Application Essays? Try These Quick Tips

There is a lot of pressure placed on students to write the perfect college application essay in order to ensure you get accepted to the school of your choice. That pressure alone is enough to give most people writer’s block. So what can you do instead of working yourself up into such a frenzy you can’t come up with anything? Here are a few tips to help.

  • Start early – The more time you give yourself, the less pressure there is. Don’t give into the trap of procrastination, thinking that inspiration will just suddenly strike you.
  • Start writing – It doesn’t have to be good. Just get something down on paper. College application essays are short, so you can write five in an afternoon, knowing that you will have to throw them all away, but at least you will have some ideas of what not to do or maybe even a direction to go in.
  • Go do something – The best college applications are often just a slice of a student’s life that gives insight into your personality and how you think and respond to challenges and adventures. The best way to come up with a topic is to go have a few adventures. It doesn’t have to be a long road trip with your buddies. Sometimes the best story can come from a simple trip to the grocery store. But it rarely comes from sitting in front of a mobile device.

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