Are you getting ready to graduate high school in the next month or two? If you are planning to enter the ranks of college students next fall, what should you be doing with your last summer? Here are three ways to make good use of the summer before college to prepare you for your experience.

  • Go to work – Whether it is an internship in the field you intend to study or just a summer job to make some extra cash for college, you’re going to be happy to have the additional funds and experience on your side.
  • Get some college credit – Why not get a jump start on the credits you need for your degree? There are plenty of universities that allow you to take summer courses, even if you haven’t started your first semester yet. Contact your school to see if there is anything available to you.
  • Keep up with extracurriculars – If you are going away to college, this may be your last opportunity to do some volunteer work in your hometown. Other extracurricular activities that you maintained during your high school years may be happy to have you one more summer to train the next group of kids.

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