If you have been able to write a spectacular essay – congratulations! You’ve completed one of the most difficult parts of the college admissions process. However, there is something else that takes a lot of legwork and is a definite must when it comes to most schools. That is letters of recommendation. Here are a few tips for acquiring the letters of recommendation that you need to attach to your college essays.

  • Start early – If you wait until the last minute and your favorite teacher has a dozen other letters to write, you are either going to miss your deadline or end up with a cookie-cutter rushed job. Asking early gets you the best letter, and you can acquire it faster.
  • Ask the right people – Your favorite teacher or school counselor may not be the one who will write the best letter for you. You need to have a good mutual relationship, and they need to know you well enough to be able to be specific in your letter of recommendation. Everything that can make you stand out from the other applicants is good.

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