College tuition is really expensive – that’s not a shocking statement. Everyone knows that it costs a small fortune to go to college, and everyone knows that the cost of school continues to go up. That’s been going on for a century, and it is why financial planning is so important.

The really shocking thing is just how much tuition costs have escalated recently. Here are a few figures.

TIME magazine looked at a few universities over the decades from 1931 to 2015. For example, Vassar college has always been one of the more expensive ones. In 1931, they were already charging $1,200 just for room and board. Today, tuition alone at Vassar is a whopping $52,320 per year. In 1960 Bates university was charging $2,015 for tuition. Today, if you want to go to Bates and get full room and board as well, you’re going to be looking at $64,500 per year.

Inflation accounts for a part of these skyrocketing costs. But the figures from the 30s and 60s still don’t add up to more than $20,000 per year in modern currency. Yet the current tuition costs are about 3 times that. Even the average tuition costs are over $9,000 per year for a state school and $32,000 per year for a private university. And those figures are for tuition without room and board.

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