A robust student profile is a great way to show universities that you are more than just a good test taker. Here are a few ways to give your student profile a boost, so you can have a competitive advantage when it becomes the time to submit your college admissions applications.

  • Take advanced placement classes in school – GPA is important, but only if you can show that you took tougher classes than other students. AP classes are a great way to do that. As an added bonus, you get college credit.
  • Improve your writing technique and style – We all know the essay is one of the key components of a college application, so why not work on developing your own unique writing style so that you can stand out when the time comes.
  • Have a well-round profile – Standardized test scores, GPA, writing skills, extracurricular activities – it all adds up to let a college know if you are the right fit for their school. When an admissions officer sees a well-round profile, that indicates a good work ethic, which is something that universities prize.
  • Have a focus – You want to be well-rounded, but you also want to carve out a little niche for yourself. After all, colleges do that. You probably are applying to certain schools because they offer the best program in subjects you are interested in, so show the school that your talents lie in those exact categories.

College Admissions Assistance and More

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