Whether you were shocked or not to learn that corruption dictates how some of the elite attend the top schools in the nation, there are a few things that your family can take away from the whole ordeal. Here are a few lessons to learn from the college admissions scandal.

  • Your family should define what you view as success. Don’t let the world tell you that you are only successful if you get accepted to and attend a particular school.
  • Kids don’t benefit when parents act as a snowplow. The main issue is that even if parents do succeed in clearing obstacles for their children, even if they do it legally, they still end up with kids that have no ability to function as an adult.
  • Focus on how a school fits you, not their brand reputation. Let’s face it, universities are brands just like McDonald’s or Coca Cola. Some have just done a better job of marketing themselves. What should be important to your family is finding a school with a curriculum that meets your needs and a tuition that fits your budget.

Assistance in Applying for and Financing College

College Planning Source is happy to help families navigate the admissions process and apply for need and merit-based aid. With preparation and hard work, you can accomplish your goals without having to rely on the illegal tricks that have been revealed by the recent scandal. Let our experience help you to level the playing field a little. Call 858.676.0700 to learn more, or you can submit the online contact form.

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