I think we can all be honest and admit that the financial planning world is male-dominated. Yes, things are changing, and that is certainly for the best. However, while America is still getting used to women having as much control over their financial future as men, here are a few tips to help you stay ahead.

  • Remember that financial planning is about the future of your family. This will give you the courage to stand up to a man who tries to tell you that you don’t need as much life insurance as your husband. Yes, you do – probably more. Think about everything you do for your family in the workplace and in the home and what that would cost if you were gone tomorrow.
  • Plan to be either the survivor or the one who passes first. Statistically, you’re going to outlive your mate. That means you need to plan for your long-term future when it comes to things like retirement and long-term care. However, you also need to be prepared, so your family is taken care of if things don’t go according to statistics.
  • Make sure someone is financially compatible before you marry them. This one is important for all of you financially independent women to remember. If you’re thrifty and save for retirement, are you really going to be happy with someone who spends every penny from every paycheck? If you have kids together, what will you teach them to do?

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