Are you currently going to a college that is closing its doors? Since many colleges and universities are privately run, there is always this risk, especially when it comes to lesser-known schools. What can you do to get your education back on track and deal with loans you may have amassed during your time at school? Here are a few tips to help you get through this difficult situation.

  • Get help from Federal Student Aid – There are great resources for students who are going through this experience on gov.
  • Get your academic transcript – This will give you proof of the courses you have completed. Hopefully, you can find a school that will allow you to keep your credits.
  • Check your transfer options – Find out if there are any schools that are willing to accept your existing credits.
  • Ask about a federal loan discharge – Depending on your circumstances, the government may discharge your federal student loans. A loan officer can help you to determine if you qualify.

Your main options when a school closes are to transfer the credits to another school or see if you can have your loans forgiven. Just know that you are not the only student going through this difficult situation, and there is help available.

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