University of Oklahoma Scandal Shakes Up College Rankings

It’s not just wealthy parents trying to rig the system for their kids. Major universities may also fall prey to trying to gain a competitive edge through unsavory means. This latest college scandal shakes up the U.S. News & World Report college rankings, which many students and parents use when choosing a school. Here is what happened and how you can avoid being duped.

What the University of Oklahoma Allegedly Did

U.S. News chooses the top 100 schools in the country each year, but the information they use to rank the schools is provided by the universities on the honor system. It turns out that the University of Oklahoma accidentally inflated some of their data… 20 years’ worth!

OU says it was a mistake, and we’re not going to judge them one way or the other. After all, they self-reported the corrected data even though they knew it would kick them off the list for 2019. It does raise some questions about the system, however. If schools are providing their own data, how many other universities have made mistakes? Are any lying on purpose to claim a better rank on the prestigious list?

Finding a Better Way to Choose a College

There are plenty of other ways to choose a college besides looking at a list of schools that are ranked based on their reports. You want to find a school that has the curriculum you want, faculty you can trust, and a good record of helping graduates find a career. College Planning Source is here to help you on your journey. Call us today at 858.676.0700 to speak with an admissions planning expert, or you can contact us online.

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