Parental Tips for Helping Students Submit the FAFSA Form

If your child is reluctant to fill out the FAFSA form, you may want to do it together. This will ensure that it gets done and that your child receives the optimal amount of governmental assistance for college. Here are a few things you should know so that you can provide support for your child.

  • You need to set up an account ID – You will make a username and password that will be your credentials across Federal Student Aid Websites, including the FAFSA website and the federal student loan website. Parent and child must have separate accounts, so don’t open an account for your child.
  • If you log in with your account, select the option that you are the parent, not the student. Don’t worry; you can create a save key later that will allow you and your child to pass the saved info back and forth to continue working on the form.
  • Begin filling out the form – At first, it is all just basic information about your child, including demographics. As a parent, you should have all of this information, including your child’s social security number. Therefore, you can either assist your child to handle this part or do it yourself.
  • Prepare a list of schools your child will be applying to – The form will allow you to add up to 10 schools.
  • You may want to fill out the section for parents yourself – This section contains information about the household in general including financial information. You can either work on this part together with your child or fill it out for them to speed up the process.
  • Remember that if your child is still a dependent, they will need you to sign the form whether you help fill it out or not.

More FAFSA Assistance in Southern California

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