Filling out the FAFSA is a great way to get free money for college, regardless of your household income. However, the more prep you do in advance, the less painful the process will be when you actually log on to fill out the form. Here are seven things you won’t be able to fill out the form without.

  1. FSA ID – Create your FSA ID in advance so that you have it ready when it is time to start filling out the form.
  2. SSN – You are going to need your social security number if you are a US citizen. Some non-citizens may also qualify. You can check the requirements here. Then make sure you have your Alien Registration number handy.
  3. Driver’s license number – Don’t worry. Being a licensed driver is not a requirement for filling out the FAFSA. However, if you have one, keep it handy when you fill out the form because they’re going to ask.
  4. Your previous year’s taxes – For example, to fill out the FAFSA for 2020-2021, you need your 2019 taxes. Don’t wait until you file your 2020 taxes to use those numbers. They always want the previous year.
  5. Additional income records – This only applies to things like child support or other forms of income that haven’t been taxed.
  6. Assets – Account statements, stocks, bonds, real estate, and any other assets need to be reported.
  7. Colleges list -You can add up to 10 schools to the application. The schools will automatically get your FAFSA results, and they will issue your financial aid.

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