Choosing a College: Looking Beyond the Ranking System

For many students, choosing a college is primarily about finding a college ranking system they like and grabbing the top names on the list. Is there a better way? We’re about to help you look beyond the rank system to find the right school for you.

  • Be realistic – Can you possibly get into this school with your grades? What about your financial resources? Don’t sell yourself short and fail to apply to a school that you have a legitimate chance to get into, but C students can save a lot of time by not applying to the top schools. If you are relying purely on financial aid and loans, you may need to start thinking about publicly funded colleges (unless you have a shot at a big scholarship).
  • Shop by curriculum – If you already have your major picked out, this makes choosing a school a little easier. Instead of examining the overall reputation of a university, why not examine the course curriculum and see which school offers the best program for the field you have chosen?
  • Learn about the teachers – Find out who the professors are at the schools you are interested in. Is there someone in particular who strikes your interest as someone who can become a mentor to you? If your professors are passionate about the same things as you, it will be easier for you to pay attention in class.

Tips for Choosing the Right School for You

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College Planning Source

College Planning Source

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