The COVID-19 pandemic has affected students and college hopefuls all across America. While there is very little silver lining to the dark cloud of this disease, one benefit maybe that you could appeal for more student aid depending on how you or your family have personally been affected. Here are four scenarios that may allow you to appeal to the financial aid office of your university for more funds.

  1. Lost employment – Whether you or a parent have lost employment due to the novel coronavirus, it could lead to a lower household income and qualify you for more financial aid.
  2. Lost wages – Whether it is because you are sick, quarantined, or ordered to stay in place, losing out on wages could entitle you to more money.
  3. Illness or death of a parent – Our hearts are with all those who have lost loved ones at this time. We know additional financial aid is a small consolation at best, but you should definitely receive assistance at this difficult time.
  4. Cost of leaving school – If you were required to leave your dorm and return home, you might be able to receive compensation for your travel expenses, cost of storing your dorm room belongings, or other expenses that were incurred.

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College Planning Source

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