You want your college essay to stand out and make the admission officer really take notice. Here are three tips that can help you reach your goal and get that acceptance letter.

  • Make it about you – Your essay is sort of your introduction to the school. Sure, you listed everything you’ve done on the application and you may look great on paper, but are you personally the right fit for the school? Tell a story that reveals one of your strengths or maybe how you overcame a weakness.
  • Think about your audience – Sometimes it can be tough to know which story to tell or which qualities and values to highlight. The key is to understand the school you are applying to. Something as simple as reading the school’s mission statement may give you a leg up on other applicants.
  • Write and rewrite – If you just turn in the first draft you write, it is never going to be the best you could have done. Unless it is. But you will only know that if you write a number of drafts. If the first is still the best at the end, you didn’t waste your time. You were just being extra cautious and building your own confidence in what you are submitting.

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