Every year, students graduate high school with the prospect of college beginning in the Fall. You should already know where you are going by the time summer arrives, but what can you do with those last few months? Here are a few suggestions for high school seniors who are thinking about how to spend their last summer before college.

  • College Credit Classes – Check with the school you will be attending to see if they offer summertime college-level courses for students who haven’t started yet. Many of the popular private universities do, and since these classes offer credits, you may be getting a head start on completing your degree.
  • Extracurricular Programs – You may have already been accepted to your school of choice, but why not keep up with the extracurricular activities that got you accepted in the first place. Volunteer some time to help the community that raised you before you move on to bigger and better things.
  • Summer Job or Internship – You can never have too much walking-around money during college. A good summer job may pay for your books or even your meals during your fall semester. Or you can look for an internship in your chosen field of study and get a little head start on learning the trade.

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