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A Little About Mark Mowrey - Chief Investment Officer - Signature Resources Capital Management:

Mark’s career highlights:

  • Graduated from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. in Economics in 1994
  • Wrote for technology-focused publications The Industry Standard and Red Herring
  • Begain his career in investments managing value-focused equity portfolios
  • Promoted and managed whole-portfolio, multi-asset-class ETF-based solutions
  • Retained a regular presence in business- and finance-oriented television

Mark Mowrey, CFA

With a career in investment research and management spanning nearly two decades, Signature
Resources’ Chief Investment Officer, Mark Mowrey, brings a uniquely broad and relevant
expertise to the firm. Having graduated from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
and as a CFA Charterholder, his roles have ranged from financial journalism and sell-side equity
research to the management of multi-billion-dollar investment portfolios.
Mark believes experience must be matched with a discipline of study. Though there is much to
investment management that can be considered, “settled,” in terms of collective knowledge and
appropriate practice, he believes an investment team must always seek to improve upon its shared
competence and understanding.

Mark’s experience reflects this belief, with each successive role building upon the prior. First
focused on corporate real estate cost benchmarking and analytics, he moved to Wall Street, where
he gained his first direct experience in stock evaluation.

From Manhattan, he moved to California, where he honed his skills in research and editorial as part
of a dynamic team of tech-industry writers. A uniquely challenging moment in capital market
history, the tech-stock bubble provided just the sort of environment to foster a manner of critical
review that has since proved invaluable as a foundation to his investment management acumen.
During his tenure at his prior firm, Mark sought to maximize the results of value-oriented equity
investing, championing new product development in value-oriented equity portfolios. In this work,
he enforced a purposeful shift from ad-hoc individual stock analyses to a more holistic, factor driven
approach, while advancing the firm’s portfolio construction methodologies to elevate
portfolio diversification.

Through the 2008-09 financial crisis and ensuing Great Recession Mark experienced firsthand the
challenges of narrowly defined, qualitatively driven investment approaches. Since that tumultuous
period, Mark has focused his efforts on the development and execution of multi-asset-class, wholeportfolio
investment strategies. This work has involved wide-ranging research into secular and
cyclical macroeconomic and asset-class-specific trends to form the bases for investment decisions.
Meantime, he continues to promote the power of clear and candid commentary regarding portfolio
positioning and performance to bolster client comfort with and understanding of the investment

As the investment team’s resolve will at times be challenged by near- and even medium-term
investment results, Mark believes that a successful investment approach must balance regular tests
of present assumptions with the reiteration of core beliefs via a process that humbly recognizes that
the team always should seek to improve upon its methods. Here again, he believes transparency in
this process—delivered in regular commentary and in direct conversations—fosters the trust that is
required for clients and colleagues to share in the team’s confidence.
Even so, Mark understands that confidence is at best a secondary source of investment success and
that hubris and similar emotional states only detract from the investment process. Rather, he
believes a disciplined approach, grounded in more than a century’s-worth of collective industry
knowledge development and evolved to be relevant to the investment challenges and opportunities
of today, ultimately will enable the firm to achieve client investment goals.

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