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Post Application
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Post Applications:

Follow Up

  • Make sure that all your colleges received everything needed for a complete application

Student Portal

  • After you’ve applied, colleges will give you a username and password to their student portal to check the status of your application and financial aid
  • Under the admissions tab, check to see that they have received all necessary documents. Any documents that have not been received will be highlighted, so make sure you send them right away.
  • Familiarize yourself with the financial aid section. This is where they will post your financial aid award and let you know of any missing or required financial documents.

Cal Grant GPA Verification Form

  • If eligible, make sure that your high school counselor fills this form and sends it over to the state of California by March 1st

Campus Tours

  • While waiting for admissions decisions, you might want to schedule some last minute campus tours
  • Make sure that you visit the departments that you’re interested in to see if it will be a good fit


  • Ask your colleges what the protocol is to sign up for housing – it can differ for each one

After You’ve Been Accepted

  • See what the financial aid awards are for each college and work with your parents to determine which school will be the best fit financially. Then you can make a decision.
  • Submit your deposit and Intent to Enroll by May 1st
  • Sign up for freshman orientation and housing
  • Enjoy your summer!
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