Jessica Lam


Financial Advisor

Jessica Lam is a Financial Professional in northern California and has helped families save for college and retirement. She has been there to help parents save properly and create cash flow efficiencies within their current budgets.

While being brought up in the financial industry, Lam has been able to see the changes in financial planning and is prepared to help families create and update their plans to reach their goals. She has also been helpful to students that needed help applying to colleges throughout the years.

Since high school, Lam has been a resource to others when looking into college admissions. She has helped her friends and family members with applications and their overall high school profiles. By doing so, she has helped people gain admission into UC: Berkeley, Davis, Santa Barbara, Irvine, Santa Cruz, The Culinary Institute of America, NYU, New York Academy of Art, and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

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